Once again, Murals DO NOT WORK, Vandals do not respect property, so why would they respect a mural? 99% of all murals get tagged and cities end up paying large amounts to remove the graffiti. Eventually, most murals are just painted over a sit is to costly to maintain them.


Murals painted by a local artist to curb graffiti and tagging in Orange County are being tagged once again.

The city of Orlando paid $1,500 for Andrew Spear to paint a wall along Mills Avenue because it was constantly being tagged.

Commissioner Patty Sheehan approved dozens more murals in the Mills 50 area of Orlando.

But recently taggers have spray painted over the art.

"What really bothers me about this, this is art,” Sheehan said. “This nonsense is not art. And this is a desperate, pathetic attempt for attention for someone who clearly doesn't have a brain in their head. I'm just really upset about this because I supported this local artist to come out here and paint this mural."

Some of the murals are covered in a protective coat, which allows the tagging to be washed off.